They are Moving the house across the street

First of May - The Demolition Crew starts.
Middle of May - Oops there goes another Yucca plant.
June 22nd -A Truck gets Hooked up to the house.
June 23rd - the First Half moves away
June 24th - the Second half is moving.

Our house was built in 1915, and it has had a lot of neighbors. The House across the street was empty when we moved to Seguin. It has been sitting empty since we moved here in 2005. The house sits on three full size lots, plus a special lot that goes from Court street to the parallel street behind it. Next door to the east is a small strip center with a print shop and a doctor's office, and the house to the west is vacant and for sale. The condition of the house wasn't apparent from the street, but a walk-through showed a lot of neglect, so the owner never got any offers close to what he was asking. About a year ago, a crew came by and boarded up the windows, and painted the boards white in order to keep it from looking so obviously vacant. Someone mowed the weeds once in a while, and it really wasn't all that bad to have across the way.
One day in May 2009, a couple of guys pulling a back-hoe on a trailer showed up. First they went along the roof, and removed the main beam at the top of the roof, exposing the interior of the house. They covered the hole with plastic tarps. Next, they started sawing on the Pecan tree that was near the house on the east side. We snapped a photo, wondering what they were up to. They pulled the pecan tree down, along with the power line supply to the house. The cable t.v. line also fell to the ground.
Click any picture to get a the larger version.
Then they went to the west side, and cut down a second tree. I asked one of the business owners if they knew anything, and they told me that the owner of the strip center was going to build a new strip center, and the house was to be moved to a farm.
On Monday, they tried to cut down a third tree, but they couldn't get their saw to cut all the way, so they tried to knock the tree down with the back-hoe. The tree defiantly stood the next day, although the branches had been broken off.
On Tuesday, they use the front scoop to dig up one of the two Yucca plants, and broke a gas line. The fire department was called to plug the gas leak.
On Wednesday, they dug up the cactus and the second Yucca, and finished the stubborn tree. And now the Yuccas and cactus are gone. They also started removing the concrete skirt from the foundation.
Thursday: the crew removed the slab of the porch, and took the porch roof apart. They also leveled the ground where the Yucca plants and cactus had been, and hauled the yucca plants away.
May 29th - No activity all weekend. Notice the Split of about 6 inches above the right door.
Tuesday, June 2, 2009: The other beam has been placed under the house, and the split above the door is not as noticeable.
Sunday, June 21, 2009: Truck is hooked up, the house is in two pieces, red cloth (wide load markers) tacked on the front. Monday, June 22, 2009: The Truck starts moving.. then stops. For the night.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009: Finally, the Police, and City Services show up, and the first half starts creeping towards the street.


Very slowly....

The Truck gets onto Court Street.

In front of the Radio Station... Creeping down the street.
Past the Silver Center, and into the downtown area.

Wow! Half the house is gone.
June 24, 2009: They prepare the second half and get ready to haul it off. Most likely, they will move it June 25th.
June 25, 2009: The second half moves slowly towards Court Street.
The second half is headed to downtown.
It takes a lot of coordination between City Services, Police, and the construction crew.
Meanwhile, we will be here in our house on Court Street. It's the one with the
"" Address stone in front.

So, the house is gone, and a strip mall will be built.
Here are the three lots after they have been cleared ( a little ).
We will post pictures as the construction starts.

John Penry
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